The Neighbourhood Chip Chrome & The Mono Tapes Double Vinyl LP


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The Neighbourhood Chip Chrome & The Mono Tapes Double Vinyl LP

The fourth studio album from Californian alternative rockers The Neighbourhood, ‘Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones’ expands the group’s trademark moody, low-tempo rock to embrace a number of different influences. Notably, there are some synthesisers and other electronics on this thing – lesser-heard tones in the band’s discography prior to now. It’s easily Jesse Rutherford and the guys’ most ambitious album to date.


A1                           Chip Chrome

A2                           Pretty Boy

A3                           Lost In Translation

B1                           Devil’s Advocate

B2                           Hell Or High Water

B3                           Cherry Flavoured

C1                           The Mono-Tones

C2                           BooHoo

C3                           Silver Lining

D1                           Tobacco Sunburst

D2                           Middle Of Somewhere


Other Studio Albums, I Love You, Wiped Out & The Neighbourhood.

Other EP’s Released

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Spotify Sessions

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To Imagine

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Current members


Jesse Rutherford – lead vocals (2011–present)

Zachary Abels – lead and rhythm guitar (2011–present), backing vocals (2015–present)

Jeremiah Freedman – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (2011–present)

Michael Margott – bass guitar (2011–present), backing vocals (2015–present)

Brandon Fried – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2014–present)


Former members

Bryan “Olivver” Sammis – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2011–2014)


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The Neighbourhood Chip Chrome Vinyl LP Out Now

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