Texas 25 Super Deluxe Box Set


This silver ink deluxe box includes:
1 x 12″ red vinyl
2 x cd
5 x 12″ full color artwork from Sharleen Spiteri
1 x 80 page silver hard cover book
1 x signed & numbered certificate


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A1 Start A Family

A2 Black Eyed Boy

A3 Say What You Want

A4 Supafly Boy

A5 Halo

A6 Inner Smile

B7 The Conversation

B8 Say Goodbye

B9 When We Are Together

B10 Are You Ready

B11 I Don’t Want A Lover

B12 Summer Son


CD1-1 Start A Family

CD1-2 Black Eyed Boy

CD1-3 Say What You Want

CD1-4 Supafly Boy

CD1-5 Halo

CD1-6 Inner Smile

CD1-7 The Conversation

CD1-8 Say Goodbye

CD1-9 When We Are Together

CD1-10 Are You Ready

CD1-11 I Don’t Want A Lover

CD1-12 Summer Son

CD2-1 I Don’t Want A Lover

CD2-2 Everyday Now

CD2-3 Say What You Want

CD2-4 Halo

CD2-5 Black Eyed Boy

CD2-6 Put Your Arms Around Me

CD2-7 Summer Son

CD2-8 When We Are Together

CD2-9 In Our Lifetime

CD2-10 In Demand

CD2-11 Inner Smile

CD2-12 Sleep

CD2-13 Say What You Want

CD2-14 The Conversation

CD2-15 Detroit City


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