Snoh Aalegra Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies Vinyl LP


Snoh Aalegra – Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies Vinyl LP

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Snoh Aalegra Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies Vinyl LP

Iranian / Swedish singer and songwriter Snoh Aalegra is one of the most exciting voices in recent time. Her sound evokes the soulful essence of her idols such as Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, yet lined with an authenticity and raw emotion that is unparalleled and a deep sense of outsiderdom that is largely universal. This new album features beautiful single Lost You, and collaborations from Grammy award winner rapper Tyler The Creator.



A1                           Indecisive

A2                           Lost You

A3                           In Your Eyes

A4                           Just Like That

B5                           Neon Peach

B6                           We Don’t Have To Talk About It

B7                           Tangerine Dream

C8                           Temporary Highs

C9                           Violet Skies

C10                         In The Moment

C11                         On My Mind

D12                        Taste

D13                        Everything

D14                        Dying 4 Your Love

D15                        Save Yourself


Shahrzad Fooladi otherwise known as Snoh Aalegra is a Swedish singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles USA. Her debut album “Feels” was released in 2017. She began by writing music at the age of 9 and by 2001 at the age of 13 she signed an artist development deal with Sony Sweden but eventually never released any music under the Sony label.


Snoh Aalegra Temporary Highs Vinyl LP Available Now

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