Rammstein Zick Zack 7″ Vinyl Single 2022


Rammstein Zick Zack 7″ Vinyl Single

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Rammstein Zick Zack 7″ Vinyl Single 2022



Side A: Zick Zack

Side B: Zick Zack – Boys Noize Rmx


Rammstein – German rock band formed in Berlin in 1994 and have sold over 22 million records worldwide. The bands most successful album to date is Glückwunsch. The band’s seventh studio album reached the top of the charts in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Austria and Canada.

Band Members – Since forming in 1994, Rammstein have retained a constant line-up.


Till Lindemann – lead vocals, harmonica

Richard Kruspe – lead guitar, backing vocals

Paul Landers – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Oliver Riedel – bass guitar

Christoph Schneider[a] – drums, percussion

Christian “Flake” Lorenz[b] – keyboards, samples, synthesizers, trumpet, programming


Discography Studio albums

Herzeleid (1995), Sehnsucht (1997), Mutter (2001), Reise, Reise (2004), Rosenrot (2005), Liebe ist für alle da (2009), Untitled album (2019), Zeit (2022)



Club Tour (1994–1995), Herzeleid Tour (1995–1997), Sehnsucht Tour (1997–2001), Family Values Tour 1998 (22 September 1998 – 31 October 1998), Mutter Tour (2001–2002), Pledge of Allegiance Tour (2001; in between the August–November dates of the Mutter Tour), Ahoi Tour (Reise, Reise Tour) (2004–2005), Liebe Ist Für Alle Da Tour (2009–2011), Made in Germany 1995–2011 Tour (2011–2013), Rammstein Tour 2016 (2016), Rammstein Festival Tour 2017 (2017), Rammstein Stadium Tour (2019 and 2022)


Rammstein Zick Zack 7″ Vinyl

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