Radiohead Kid A Mnesia 3 x Red Coloured Vinyl LP 2021


Radiohead Kid A Mnesia 3 x Red Coloured Vinyl LP 2021

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Radiohead Kid A Mnesia 3 x Red Coloured Vinyl LP 2021



Kid A

A1                           Everything In Its Right Place

A2                           Kid A

A3                           The National Anthem

A4                           How To Disappear Completely

A5                           Treefingers

B1                           Optimistic

B2                           In Limbo

B3                           Idioteque

B4                           Morning Bell

B5                           Motion Picture Soundtrack


C1                           Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box

C2                           Pyramid Song

C3                           Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors

C4                           You And Whose Army?

C5                           I Might Be Wrong

D1                           Knives Out

D2                           Morning Bell/Amnesiac

D3                           Dollars And Cents

D4                           Hunting Bears

D5                           Like Spinning Plates

D6                           Life In A Glasshouse

Kid Amnesiae

E1                           Like Spinning Plates (Why Us? Version)

E2                           Untitled V1

E3                           Fog (Again Again Version)

E4                           If You Say The Word

E5                           Follow Me Around

F1                           Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits Version)

F2                           Untitled V2

F3                           The Morning Bell (In The Dark Version)

F4                           Pyramid Strings

F5                           Alt. Fast Track

F6                           Untitled V3

F7                           How To Disappear Into Strings

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