Ian Brown The Greatest Double Vinyl LP


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Ian Brown The Greatest Double Vinyl LP

The greatest is a 17 track greatest hits collection from undeniable musical icon, Ian Brown. It captures all the seminal moments of his solo career including ‘fear’, ‘dolphins were monkeys’, ‘my star’ , 2004’s ‘keep what ya got’ with Noel Gallagher plus two tracks with Unkle. Limited Edition Double Vinyl Set.


Featured Tracks:

1. My Star
2. Corpses In Their Mouths
3. Can’t See Me (Bacon & Quarmby Remix)
4. Be There – UNKLE
5. Love Like A Fountain (Single Version)
6. Dolphins Were Monkeys (Single Version)
7. Golden Gaze (Single Version)
8. F.E.A.R.
9. Whispers
10. Forever And A Day (New Version)
11. Keep What Ya Got
12. Time Is My Everything
13. Longsight M13
14. Reign – UNKLE
15. Lovebug (New Version)
16. All Ablaze
17. Return Of The Fisherman


Solo Studio albums


Unfinished Monkey Business

Golden Greats

Music of the Spheres


The World Is Yours

My Way




2004       Under the Influence

2005       The Greatest

2005       The Greatest Promos

Stone Roses Band members

Ian Brown – lead vocals, percussion (1983–1996, 2011–2017)

John Squire – guitar, backing vocals (1983–1996, 2011–2017)

Mani (Gary Mounfield) – bass guitar (1987–1996, 2011–2017)

Reni (Alan Wren) – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1984–1995, 2011–2017)

Pete Garner – bass (1983–1987)

Andy Couzens – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1983–1986)

Simon Wolstencroft – drums (1983–1984)

Rob Hampson – bass (1987)

Cressa – dancing (1989)

Robbie Maddix – drums, backing vocals (1995–1996)

Nigel Ippinson – keyboards, backing vocals (1995–1996)

Aziz Ibrahim – guitar (1996)


Ian Brown The Greatest LP Available Now

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