George Ezra Staying at Tamara’s VINYL LP & CD


George Ezra Staying at Tamara’s VINYL LP + CD

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George Ezra Staying at Tamara’s Vinyl LP + CD


George Ezra Staying at Tamara’s Vinyl LP is his 2nd Album after his debut full length Wanted On Voyage, with its multi-platinum success spurred on by inescapable ear-worm Budapest. Recently popping back into the studio, following patchwork writing sessions that moved from the Isle of Skye to a Barcelona Air BNB. The album is full of songs about escapism, dreaming, anxieties and love.




A1                           Pretty Shining People

A2                           Don’t Matter Now

A3                           Get Away

A4                           Shotgun

A5                           Paradise

A6                           All My Love

B1                           Sugarcoat

B2                           Hold My Girl

B3                           Saviour

B4                           Only A Human

B5                           The Beautiful Dream

CD-1                      Pretty Shining People

CD-2                      Don’t Matter Now

CD-3                      Get Away

CD-4                      Shotgun

CD-5                      Paradise

CD-6                      All My Love

CD-7                      Sugarcoat

CD-8                      Hold My Girl

CD-9                      Saviour

CD-10                    Only A Human

CD-11                    The Beautiful Dream

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Some time after the release of his first album, Ezra met and later began dating Florrie Arnold. The two split up after three years, but remain on good terms. Ezra has stated he suffers from Pure O, a form of obsessive compulsive disorder that consists of obsessions and anxiety with purely mental, not physical, compulsions.


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