Deep Purple Infinite Deluxe Box Set 2 x Vinyl LP 3 x 10″ DVD & CD 2017


Deep Purple Infinite Deluxe Box Set 2 x Vinyl LP 3 x 10″ DVD & CD 2017

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Deep Purple Infinite Deluxe Box Set 2 x Vinyl LP 3 x 10″ DVD & CD 2017



– CD+DVD Digipak

– 2xLP Gatefold Sleeve

– 3x 10″ Vinyl “The Now What?! Live Tapes Vol.2″( Each vinyl has a different colour: Disc 1 white. Disc 2 clear. Disc 3 blue)

– T-shirt (Size L)

– Poster

– 5x Photo Prints

– 1x Sticker



“Infinite” – CD

CD-1                      Time For Bedlam

CD-2                      Hip Boots

CD-3                      All I Got Is You

CD-4                      One Night In Vegas

CD-5                      Get Me Outta Here

CD-6                      The Surprising

CD-7                      Johnny’s Band

CD-8                      On Top Of The World

CD-9                      Birds Of Prey

CD-10                    Roadhouse Blues


“Infinite” – 2LP

A1                           Time For Bedlam

A2                           Hip Boots

A3                           All I Got Is You

B1                           One Night In Vegas

B2                           Get Me Outta Here

B3                           The Surprising

C1                           Johnny’s Band

C2                           On Top Of The World

D1                           Birds Of Prey

D2                           Roadhouse Blues


“The Now What?! Live Tapes Vol.2″ – 3×10”

A1                           Après Vous

A2                           Into The Fire

B                             The Mule

C                             Green Onions / Hush (New Mix 2017)

D                             Contact Lost / Uncommon Man / Well-Dressed Guitar

E1                           All The Time In The World

E2                           Highway Star

F1                           Strange Kind Of Woman

F2                           Space Truckin’ (New Mix 2017)

Bonus DVD

DVD                       From Here To Infinite (The Movie)


Deep Purple Infinite Deluxe Box Set Available Now


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